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Anya Lincoln

Lives and Works in New Orleans


Anya Lincoln is a painter who lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was born in the south of Russia and grew up in the beautiful city of Krasnodar. She received her fine arts education at Kuban State University, where her teachers were some of the best painters of the Russian South at the time.  For the past 19 years, Anya has been working in Louisiana. Her work is in numerous private and public collections across the globe, she has taught workshops and individual private students of all ages and owned an art gallery. Anya is a mother to Emma, Katya, and Nicole, three incredible young women she is proud to call her daughters, and is a partner to Will, her companion, co-creator, best friend, and soulmate.

Love, Mysticism, and Art  


As far back as I can remember, two of my earliest fascinations in life were love and mysticism, as in living from a place that isn't rational, seeing beyond the obvious, into the true nature of everything, and connecting with that true nature.  And then at the age of 17 not quite sure how to make a  profession out of love and mysticism, I walked into the art department of the local University that graduated both of my parents with the thoughts of pursuing photography.  I didn't know it then, but I was about to fall in love with something that would be both mystical and lovely, and part of my life forever. 


Many things transpired since then, my vision for my work morphed and changed, but I have never stopped painting for the past 25 years. As I write this, I am 44 years old and I see the main purpose of this pursuit in translating both love and the mystical experience into the visual form. It is my intention and what brings me the most joy and satisfaction. 

I am deeply grateful to everyone who owns, views, and appreciates my work. There have been so many people who have encouraged me and supported me on this path. Thank you and I send my best wishes, gratitude, and love to all. 



Portrait by V.Zvyagin
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